S8020 Sender Card


  • Description
    The Chipmax-S8020 is our universal sender card which works with our full range of Chipmax Pixelscreens and Pixelmesh systems.
    The Chipmax-S8020 is the latest generation sender card and gives you full control to your LED Screen.
    The sender card comes including Chipmax Led Studio Software and all necessary cables.
    Please note that your laptop or PC needs a DVI output in order to drive the system.


    • PCI Slot
    • 5V input for use with Laptop
    • Max. LED screen size 2048 x 640 pixels.
    • Up to four cards can work together for large
    screens (up to 4096 x 1152)
    • Full Color
    • Capable to drive Real Pixel, Virtual Pixel,
    Full Color, Double Color and Single Color screens.
    • Including Chipmax Led Studio Software
    • Including DVI cable (35 cm) and USB-Cable
    • Connection to LED screen by RJ-45 connector

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