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  • Description

    • Wireless
    • Laser Technology
    • IP68 rated
    • Industrial design

    The LM-36 is a wireless lasermouse with IP68 protection grade. Due to this high protection grade it is very suitable for use with MP3 software systems or media servers and light controllers which are used intensively on the road.
    It works on 2.4Ghz frequency and has a working distance up to 10 meter.


    Frequency: 2,4 GHz
    Synchronization: Automatic
    Working distance: 10 meter
    optical sensor: 800dpi with 3000 frames/
    second scan rate
    Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/
    Communication: Mini USB receiver
    Layout: Left & Right buttons, scroll wheel performed by 3 buttons
    Protection level: IP68

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